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Each of us have relatives. But many do not realize that on the other side of the world lives close to you. The project «FamilyAlbum» specially created for you to be able to keep in touch with your family, regardless of time and distance. Here you can find their relatives and friends, to communicate in real time, to share life with bright moments and memorable events, create your personal page, and communicate with loved ones, family people. FamilyAlbum - it's loyal assistant in building family tree. Our service is available for free and very easy to handle. Join now!
Create a PHOTO ALBUMS, easy to lay IMAGES, share with your friends.
Enjoy your MUSIC with FamilyAlbum.
Load favorite VIDEO and see the whole family.
COMMUNICATE with family and friends anywhere in the world.

Create a family tree online

FamilyAlbum.me - a social network with the simple editor of the genealogical tree. Draw your own tree is much easier than in foreign sites such as MyHeritage and Ancestry. The uniqueness of the service is not only simple, but also save time, because you can copy the family tree from your relatives, and easily modify it.

Give your loved ones gifts

Discover and save your unique family history